our coffee

We want to feature an ethical product that reflects our commitment with the acknowledgement of the source, we want to meet the producer and have a relationship with them.

We believe in protecting our planet. We purchase products that have traceability and sustainability for the environment and conserve our natural resources. Our coffee beans have traceability from the harvest until arrive at Sambalatte. The producers are passionate to produce the best beans and give their social contribution to their village and cooperative.

We focus on quality. We want to know where the beans come from, meet the producers and be different. We craft our coffee preparation like very few take the time to do. We truly are committed to a great cup of coffee or espresso.
Specially Selected

Our local artisan roaster blends and roast on a weekly basis featuring unique coffee beans from small and sustainable farmers from Brazil and around the globe.
We have traveled the world over to bring you the best microlots available of exceptional quality produced in the best microclimate. We want our guests to savour an unforgettable cup of coffee.


Our Mission

We focus to deliver the best coffee experience possible. We wanted the coffee that you taste tomorrow to taste better than what you sipped yesterday.

Our modus operandi is driven by quality, outstanding guest service experience and being an innovative leader in the industry.

Sambalatte is known for being an eco-conscious business that is eco-friendly, sustainable, green, organic, local, with a solid recycling program in place. We consciously work to reduce our carbon footprint.

We wanted to promote from origin to destination.


We offer nightly entertainment, a place with incredible vibe, Wi-Fi for your convenience, and the opportunity to sip the world’s finest coffee, teas, and savour our local fresh products.