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What To Expect?

Sounds of Sipping

Sambalatte is a coffee Connoisseur’s paradise. Our baristas will introduce you to the nuanced flavors of exceptional coffee. Our teas are also exceptional. We offer fresh, high quality loose tea leaves and brew our them to perfection.

Delicious Food

Our delicious menu will make your mouth water. Our eatables include our Anytime Breakfast, Decadent Pastries, Sweet Treats, Signature Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Drink Specialties, and more! Whatever you crave, we can satisfy your palate with something scrumptious.

We are much more than just another café. We offer you an unparalleled coffee experience, starting with the rich aroma of our famous coffees.


Boca Park

750 S. Rampart Blvd. #9
Las Vegas, NV 89145


Phone: (702) 272-2333


Sun - Thur: 7am - 6pm
Fri - Sat: 7am - 7pm

Molasky Center

100 N. City Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89106


Phone: (702) 888-1663


Mon - Thur: 7am - 3pm
Closed Fri - Sun and Holidays


6555 S. Jones Blvd. #100
Las Vegas, NV 89118


Phone: (702) 434-2337


Mon - Fri: 7am - 3pm
Sat - Sun: 8am - 4pm