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Our passion has always been to provide an unparalleled environment for the tastemaker and coffee connoisseur. Our colors are organic and express the colors phase of the coffee beans from the flowering to roasting, our designers did a sensational job selecting the colors that would bring the feel of relaxation when you walk into Sambalatte.

We wanted to create your ultimate coffee experience.

From our nightly live entertainment to our latest coffee discovery there is always something exciting happening at Sambalatte!


A sensory immersion experience! Our state-of-the-art coffee lab gives you an opportunity to watch our Master Roaster to prepare the next batch of coffee that will be roasted to be savour later.

Watch the world’s most advanced brewing technology in action – the Steampunk Coffee Machine. Their strength lies in the ability to incorporate new technologies into brewing machines that reflect great industrial design, both past and present.

Our local artisan roaster blends and roast on a weekly basis featuring unique coffee beans from small and sustainable farmers from Brazil and around the globe. We have traveled the world over to bring you the best microlots available of exceptional quality produced in the best microclimate. We want our guests to savour an unforgettable cup of coffee.

Exceptional Baristas

We have some of the most highly trained baristas that behold such passion for coffee. We all love what we do and strive for continuous improvement.

Sambalatte baristas also give our customers a visual delight. Each frothy cup is a creation of art.

Enjoy the rich aromas of our unique single origin coffees from around the globe.


Unique Flavors

Please Your Palate

Our thoughtful menu has been chosen to provide a variety or sweet and savory to be delight in any time of the day. Can we tempt you with our decadent pastries? What about our delicious sandwiches made with locally-produced sustainable ingredients?